Hey everyone!

Here is a little throwback from our YouTube channel. Watch this video to learn how to embroider on anything using a free arm embroidery machine - the machine used in this video is the Brother Persona PRS100 Single Needle Embroidery Machine. 

Are you looking for an embroidery machine upgrade? Well, we have good news. This holiday season we have excellent deals on embroidery machines, financing offers that you can't beat & huge gifts with purchase options! 

Want to find out the perfect embroidery machine for you? Give us a call (972) 596-5628 - we'd love to walk you through your needs and find the right fit for you in your budget.

Or better yet, are you free on November 25th? We are celebrating our very own version of Black Friday with Stitchhouse's annual "SUPER Saturday!" Don't miss out on the fun, we are going to be partying all day with warehouse sale style deals, yummy festive treats, holiday cocktails and fun giveaways. RSVP here!

Jessica Bermudez Stitchhouse

November 08, 2023 — Jessica Bermudez