SewTites Sew Magnetic Cutting System


SewTites Sew Magnetic Cutting System is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This magnetic cutting system is built with great consideration in every aspect of it:

The Mat-
A 20in x 24in double-sided, 7-layer self-healing magnetic cutting mat – one side is dark grey with white lines, while the other is light grey with black lines.
Choose the side you feel will help you see things the best, depending upon the color of your material – or, just for what'll look Insta-ready when you go to share your projects on social media!
Chosen 20in x 24in mat size, because we've never understood why a full fat quarter won't fit on any other similarly-sized mat – with ours, you can!
There are 1/2in numbers and lines for those quilters who cut most of their pieces on the 1/2in, of course, there are standard whole 1in numbers for all the other sewists and crafters who cut this way – and yes, there are 1/8in and 1/4in markings throughout the mat too.

The Ruler-
The magnetic ruler is a 6-1/2in x 24in acrylic ruler with turquoise and black imprints – the 1/2in numbers are in turquoise boxes, and the 1in numbers are in black boxes with additionally 1/8in and 1/4in markings, as well as 30°, 45°, and 60° guides on it.
Designed so you can use it right-side-up for whole-inch cuts, or flip it around 180° for work needing half-inch cuts.
The magnets in the ruler are strong enough that your project doesn't slip, and light enough that the ruler also easily shifts where you want it to – and we added beveled edges on the short ends, so you can easily pick up and move the ruler.
With the Sew Magnetic ruler, you don’t have to push down very hard to hold everything in place – so it's a more ergonomic way to cut than ever before!

The Boosters-
If you're ever cutting very thick materials – pre-quilted pieces, foams, Cuddle, leather, cork, or other materials where the magnetic ruler isn't quite strong enough to hold, then that's where the included 12 cylindrical magnets – SewTites® Boosters™ – come into play.
They’re designed to snap onto the magnets in the ruler to strengthen its hold.
Now, you can easily cut all the materials – from thick to stretchy to slippery — without shifting or distorting.
You can also use the Boosters – or any other SewTites magnets – to hold down paper garment patterns, acrylic templates, and whatever else you can think of without pins.
Foreseen for folks using this for leather work, scrapbooking and collage work, blocking small knitted projects, and even as a tool for basting small quilted projects.

The Patented Sew Magnetic Cutting System is unlike any other cutting system out there – it'll help you cut more quickly, more accurately, and more easily than ever before – freeing more time up for the fun part… sewing it all together!

It Even Comes in a Ship-able, Re-useable Box!

What’s Included
• 20in x 24in double-sided, 7-layer self-healing magnetic cutting mat
• 1/2in and 1in numbers
• 1/8in, 1/4in, 1/2in, and 1in markings/guides
• 6-1/2in x 24in magnetic acrylic ruler
• 1/2in and 1in numbers
• 1/8in, 1/4in, 1/2in, and 1in markings/guides
• 30°, 45°, and 60° guides
• 12 SewTites® Booster™ magnets